Chartered Manager Self Assessment

Chartered Manager - the hallmark of a professional manager

This self-assessment process has been devised to assist you to identify whether Chartered Manager is right for you and a focus for your submission. Through completing it you will also identify your most suitable route to award.

Chartered Manager is a competence-based award that reviews your key achievements and the impact this has had on your organisation. It focuses on the practical application of your skills and expertise in leading people and managing change. The application process requires:

  1. A validated submission that describes how you have applied leadership and change management skills to improve business performance/results in your organisation, and how you have developed as a manager
  2. Online assessment questionnaire completed by yourself and 6 colleagues
  3. An assessment interview
Please complete the sections below to find out more and receive a personalised report. This will be emailed directly to you.

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Section 1 - Making a difference for your organisation
To gain Chartered Manager you should be working in a management role and be able to provide evidence of how you have applied your Leadership and Change Management skills to deliver positive results (Business Impact) for your organisation.

Q1) Business Impact over the last 18 months, ie the period in which measures/results became apparent

 responsible for (select the one most significant):

Q2) I can identify how I measured my achievements:

Q3) I used the following skills of ‘leading people’ to achieve Impact – select the three most significant:

Q4) I used the following skills of ‘managing change’ to achieve Impact – select the three most significant:

Q5) I can supply evidence (quantitative or qualitative) now/in the near future to demonstrate (select all relevant options):

Q6) I can identify a key individual who is prepared to support my claim (line manager or customer)

Section 2 - Chartered Manager Assessment Questionnaire
As part of this assessment there is a review of your day-to-day management skills linked to the Chartered Manager skill areas. This requires you and six colleagues to complete a questionnaire

Q7) Can you identify 6 contributors who work closely with you, or have worked with you in the last 18 months, e.g. Line manager, commissioning client, colleagues, suppliers, direct reports (day-to-day or project basis)?

Section 3 - Route to Chartered Manager
You have a choice of routes to present your case for Chartership. Each route assesses against the same criteria but uses different assessment techniques. Your choices are:

Q8) Considering the three routes below, which best meets your needs?

  1. Online submission and panel assessment with Advisor support
    • Distance support (via email or telephone) to help you produce your submission and prepare for panel interview
    • A structured approach across a 2 – 4 month period
    • Online assessment of Impact
    • A panel interview at a CMI venue
    • Average time to complete 20 hours
    • Costs £570 + VAT + travel costs
  1. Assessment via Professional Discussion
    • Assessor led onsite interview
    • Submission compiled and assessed as an integral part of the interview
    • Overcomes issues of confidential or sensitive information as view onsite
    • Ideal for the busy manager with limited time – commitment 4 – 6 hours, over 2 months
    • Costs £995 + VAT
  1. Fellow Assessment Route, exclusively for existing Fellows or those eligible to upgrade*
    • Focuses on strategic experience and impact
    • Written submission drafted by you finalised through an assessor led telephone interview
    • Efficient and personalised service with award achieved in as little as 2 months
    • Average time to complete is 10 – 15 hours
    • Costs £495 + VAT
*10 years management experience of which 3 must be at a strategic level
  1. Undecided